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Cafe Neu Romance: The Robots are coming home to Prague: Week 26-29 November 2014 - CNR 2014: Exhibition: Scott Park (CAN): Synthespians

I’m also a pretty big deal in Prague.

Synthespians will be on display this November at the Cafe Neu Romance exhibition in Prague, part of the European Robotics Week. Apparently,  there will be robots.

Playing with some video.

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You know what you need to really pull your room together? A rug with giant robots on it. Or a car. Or a fairy. That’s what you need.

Rugs. These and many more, available at Society6

Infographic: Star Cars, Part Deux

justplainscott asked: Hi, Scott. (It's fun addressing someone who uses the same name as me!) Is it possible to purchase a shirt of the yellow Scout II on Society6? I don't see an option but I'd like one to go with the print I scored. I love your work. Keep up the awesome.

Back at you Scott. I’ll add a shirt in the next day or two. I just never got around to doing it. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll keep you posted.

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I’m kind of a big deal (in Turkey)

Check out pages 16-17.

Some variations on the hot rod. Why? Because white walls and skulls. That’s why.