Scott Park Illustration

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Some “germ” characters I designed for a Novartis cold & flu season campaign, that are finally in market! You might not be happy to see them, but they are really happy to see you!

Super excited to have Star Cars featured in Gestalten’s new book - Visual Families: Graphic Storytelling in design and illustration. It’s due to go on sale in the next few weeks.

Check out the details here:

Shelby Kids bibs and onsies are now up for sale at Superstrada Motorsports. Enjoy! Rejoice! Behold.

I was recently asked to submit some illustrations for a Star Wars themed activity book. I didn’t get the job, but I got some lovely images out of it. 


More images I created for the BBC Autos History of LeMans.

Check out the site here:

All the overhead cars I drew for the BBC Autos History of LeMans. I tried to select cars that represented the era they were from, but still keep them super minimalist. Enjoy.

Check out the History of LeMans here:

Just a few of the illustrations I did for the BBC Autos - History of LeMans sight. Check it out here:

BBC – Autos – Advertisement Feature: History of Le Mans

Occasionally I get to indulge my obsessive nature and create posters of cars and robots. Other times, people hire me to indulge my obsessive nature and create a series of illustrations to celebrate the history of LeMans. Check out this cool BBC Autos infographic I was lucky enough to do all the illustrations for. 

Applied Arts Mag - Awards Winners

Pleased to find out I won a spot in the Applied Arts illustration annual. Hooray for robots!

I’m a Carbonmade favourite today! Huzzah. That’s right. Huzzah.


General Lee! Ecto-1! The Mystery Machine! How many of Scott Park’s Star Cars can you guess without looking at the list below? By day, Scott is an Art Director from Toronto with a boatload of advertising experience but he’s also a pretty serious car nut. Once you’ve identified all of his autos, feel free to grab the Stair Car and ride off into the sunset. Just watch out for bridges and hop-ons… you’re gonna get some hop-ons.

Cafe Neu Romance: The Robots are coming home to Prague: Week 26-29 November 2014 - CNR 2014: Exhibition: Scott Park (CAN): Synthespians

I’m also a pretty big deal in Prague.

Synthespians will be on display this November at the Cafe Neu Romance exhibition in Prague, part of the European Robotics Week. Apparently,  there will be robots.